Monday, September 21, 2009

Susan is being too nice to "everyone"

Susan is talking to local Democrats officials.

This is beyond silly. I guess there is an implication here.

I have conservatively represented the 57th district for the past seven years while wholly dedicating myself to helping my constituents.

Each Republican should be an ambassador of the Republican Party; demonstrating that Republicans are polite, good people that work hard and play fair. We push others away when we are excessively partisan, and conspiratorial. As Golda Meir once said, “You cannot shake hands with clinched fists.” Our ambition should always be to set a good example to others.

Likely this criticism was waged again by the same persons that have tried it before; continually hoping their innuendo would advance and incriminate. It hasn’t worked in the past because people know me, and they know my conservative record. My mission is to help my constituents.

I, as well as most of my constituency, not only see nothing wrong with accepting an invitation to tour the county jail, the water plant, the 911 center or failing bridges, but most believe it is in the district’s best interest that I do. It is a shame that some will use any occasion to score political points.