Sunday, August 16, 2009

Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

Rep. Lynn voted to give illegal aliens driver's licenses.

This rumor is not true. Rep. Lynn wasn't even in the General Assembly when the legislation passed to allow someone without a social security number to obtain a Tenessee driver's license - thus making it possible for an illegal alien to get a driver's license.

In fact, from the day Susan was first sworn in to office she sponsored legislation to take away driver's licenses from illegals. When the Governor's driver's certificate bill became law she then sponsored legislation to get rid of the certificates. All of this activity is documented below.

Here is a time-line of events.

102nd General Assembly - 2001 - 2002


  • Susan Lynn runs for office.

  • Lynn is elected in November 2002
103rd General Assemlby - 2003 - 2004

  • Rep. Lynn sworn into office in January 2003.
  • Rep. Lynn co-sponsors HB1790, requires a SSN to get a drivers license - this would ban illegals from obtaining licenses (be sure to click on Show Prime Co-Sponsor link to see co-sponsors).


  • Lynn co-sponsors HB1790, requires SSN to get a drivers license - - this would ban illegals from obtaining licenses.

  • HB3486 passes, it is Governor's certificate of driving bill. It becomes public chapter 158 - the law takes driver’s licenses taken away from illegals but creates the certificate of driving. Lynn and others tried to pass eight (8) amendments to fix the bill so that illeals would not get driving certificates but all amendments were defeated. In the end Lynn and the others only choice was to vote yes and take away driver's licenses - a no vote would have allowed illegals to keep their licenses. Lynn votes AYE - page 4055 - 4061 of the Journal

104th General Assembly - 2005-2006


  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, abolishes certificate of driving.


  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, abolishes certificate of driving.
  • Mt. Juliet couple killed in Lakewood, TN by a drunk driving illegal alien.

105th General Assembly - 2007 - 2008



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